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Fantasy/Humor Novelist- Playwright

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Soon to be released 

When Winwood Ho, world-renowned Paleographer, is presented with holy relics of Jesus, a pair of Nike sandals, a mermaid necklace and a ticket stub from Jesus Christ Superstar, he embarks on a quest to Paradise Island, Bahamas to solve the mystery. There he meets Madam Dendra psychic channeler of an antediluvian princess, Louise Meeker, obsessive compulsive barmaid and purveyor of the magical drink 'Orgasmic Mermaid on the Beach' Dr. Mischling, genetic engineer and creator of Mermaids, Minotaurs and the inimitable Bullfish. He, along with an island full of tourists are transported back 10,000 years into the past to discover the true origin of Atlantis, Noah’s Arc and the Egyptian pyramids.  Bullfish delivers a cast of characters that keep the plot twisting and turning until the highly charged ending. 


 Khamel Towing

Soon to be released 

Belle Carter is an island. Jude Benjamin adrift. Together they navigate through a surreal, southern gothic world of verdant saviors, tuck stop churches, lot lizards and politically incorrect roller derby teams. Belle is the Virginia Slims smoking, tiara wearing, roller derby jamming, driver of a Mary Kay Pink tow truck for the Khamel Towing Company. One faithful day Belle pulls a car out of the James river, only to discover an ancient baby in a jar that looks an awful lot like the one her grandma has on her mantle, in a room where the rocking chair rocks by itself. What happens next?  Hold my beer and watch this…


And Your Little Dog Too! 

Soon to Be Released

Dot Derecho is the modern, all American girl next door and she’s had a tough life. As Dot was returning home from her Aunt’s funeral, her plane ran into a waterspout and crashed. But Dot is a survivor, as she reminds her little black terrier, Moreover, “we may rock the boat but we always float.” And there is an upside to the plane crash; she managed to pull infamous pop star, Felicia, out of the burning wreckage. As an added bonus, she found a pair of designer shoes - ruby red Jimmy Choo pumps.  Okay, so she found them on a dead woman, crushed by the falling plane, but they fit perfectly. Now Dot is setting out for Media City to find the Media Mogul, who has the power to turn an unknown into a celebrity with a few column inches of print or a talk show appearance. In her quest for fame Dot is joined by the Straw Man, a bar supplies delivery guy, the Silver Bullet, a street performer who wears an outfit made of beer cans, and Grrr, an alternative-lifestyle Sasquatch, each with a story to tell and a dream of riches and fame.