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Heavenly Pleasure Review from the Pagan and the Pen

Fantasy stories have traditionally been about, at their heart, the battle between good and evil. The best stories, fantasy or not, have protagonists that aren’t completely altruistic and antagonists that are complex. This makes everybody interesting and it removes predictability from the story. I loved hearing the Devil’s take on Dante’s circles of Hell, especially since they came during the Reverend’s sermon and they were delivered to a scandalized, pious young snake charmer fated to fill the role of the Antichrist.

 In Heavenly Pleasure, Mark Covington has created a riveting cast of characters and has woven a masterful, intricately-detailed tale. I loved the author’s sense of humor, an important device when dealing with fate-of-the-world issues. I laughed out loud—real laughter, not just little chuckles—several times. His humor strips events to the bare bones, laying dogma naked and removing all apologies. He skillfully uses a host of literary devices, including allusion and irony. He mocks his own imagery. He portrays the dregs of society in a completely human and humorous light. He makes us see the people behind their appearances and labels.

Covington’s ability to handle multiple characters and multiple viewpoints while maintaining a cohesive plot is amazing. I felt as if I knew each one of them, and I liked them, flaws and all. The cast of characters—Eve the inventor, John the chronicler, Kali the ‘Mary’ figure, Clay the antichrist, Angel the angel, Ted and Eric the sex shop owners, Theiron/Poole the vampire, God the ice cream man, Devil the consultant—each of these people play critical parts in the fight between good and evil, which turns out to be more of an ideological disagreement. 

However, it’s an ideological disagreement at the heart of all dogmatic battles, and that’s what appealed to me. Like Mikhail Bulgakov’s literary masterpiece The Master and Margarita, Heavenly Pleasure takes aim at what’s wrong with society using God and the Devil as literal interpretations of a metaphorical critique. Covington’s God doesn’t care about organized religion. He doesn’t care about religion at all. Behavior matters. Morals matter.  Choices matter. At the heart of the Pagan belief system, we throw away all outward trappings of dogma to concentrate on what really matters—who we are, what we do, and how we treat life around us. Heavenly Pleasure speaks to the heart and soul in a way few things ever can.  

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