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Heavenly Pleasure 

Strange things are happening in a bohemian section of Richmond, Virginia. The eternal war between good and evil is facing off over the next jump in human evolution, universal bliss, the end of terrorism, road rage, and fighting over the remote control. Welcome to “Perilous” Parkwood Avenue where Angel has a mission to ensure the pieces of the cosmic puzzle come together. Meet Kali Sen, an exotic dancer and potential savior of humanity; Eve Savage, whose basement laboratory is the source of earth-shaking explosions; Eric and Ted, life-partners whose Christian Adult Book Store – Heavenly Pleasure – sells such items as the Come to Jesus Vibrator, and John Wye, designated chronicler of the next paradigm of mankind. So why is Reverend Roberts so hellbent on shutting down Heavenly Pleasure, that he will enlist any force in his objective, including the Devil himself and his reluctant protégée Clay, with a knack for controlling energy? Why does the Ice Cream Man peddle such flavors as Wicca Wild Berry, Holy Mary Cherry and Spanish Inquisition Surprise, that do much more than satisfy your sweet tooth? Heavenly Pleasure, a darkly hilarious novel, takes the reader on a fabulous ride up in Richmond’s Fan District, from Vlad’s Continental Lounge to Hollywood Cemetery and the tomb of Richmond’s most famous Vampire, from the folklore of its past to the metaphysical awakening of its future.


 Link to buy from Amazon  Heavenly Pleasure: V. Mark Covington: 9780615906492: Amazon.com: Books

From The Pagan and the Pen -"In Heavenly Pleasure, Mark Covington has created a riveting cast of characters and has woven a masterful, intricately-detailed tale. I loved the author’s sense of humor, an important device when dealing with fate-of-the-world issues. I laughed out loud—real laughter, not just little chuckles—several times. Like Mikhail Bulgakov’s literary masterpiece The Master and Margarita, Heavenly Pleasure takes aim at what’s wrong with society using God and the Devil as literal interpretations of a metaphorical critique. Heavenly Pleasure speaks to the heart and soul in a way few things ever can. 


Homemade Sin 

What do a racing greyhound with multiple personalities, a claustrophobic NASCAR driver, an obsessive compulsive prize fighter, and a Bull Rider with a fear of clowns have in common?   They are all better off dead…Welcome to the Fugu Lounge where everything you order can kill you from the Blowfish sushi to the Bufo toads that are licked following your Absinthe shooter. Hussey Payne, apprentice voodoorine wants to give up voodoo and pursue a medical career but after turning a race-losing Greyhound into a race- winning zombie-dog she finds someone is turning zombie making into a very profitable business. 

 Link to buy from Amazon:Amazon.com: Homemade Sin eBook: V Mark Covington: Kindle Store

2012 Montezuma's Revenge

The world as we know it will come to an end on December 21st, 2012, just like the Mayan calendar predicted.  No, it wasn’t nuclear war or a pandemic of Ebola virus or bird flu. No space aliens came down and ate us and the planet didn’t reverse its magnetic field and flip over in space like a big blue flapjack. We literally farted the world away.

Crypto-zoologist Lucy Poot has discovered the lost treasure of Montezuma II, but she has also discovered Montezuma himself, cryogenically frozen for 500 years.  Now, Montezuma has returned with a mission, to regain his kingdom, restore the Mayan pyramids and save the planet.  But Montezuma’s rise to power is just one more problem for U.S. President Lincoln Caine.  Besides having to build a wall to slow the emigration of cheap labor from the bankrupt U.S. to Mexico, the Imperial Martian colony is in full revolt, nanobot infused pinto beans, designed to spy on Montezuma, have gone rogue, and his dealer just doubled his price for a bag of weed.

 Link to buy from Amazon: 2012 Montezuma's Revenge: V. Mark Covington: 9781466366657: Amazon.com: Books


The Church of the Path of Least Resistance  

 The modern day story of John Wye and Mike Compari, two old friends who travel cross country to rescue a kidnapped child and uncover a clandestine cult with nefarious connections to the US Government.  And the story of  William Wye, Confederate ship’s captain and  savior of the confederate gold in 1865, and his journey into piracy and bordello ownership. The two tales come together in a runaway romp with an eclectic cast of characters and hilarious twists and turns along the way.

Link to buy from Amazon:Church of the Path of Least Resistance: V. Mark Covington: 9780620547802: Amazon.com: Books